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Helping the Helpless

Helping the Helpless

Helping the Helpless

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Helping the Helpless Ministry

Helping the helpless Ministry founded by NAMUTEZA NICHOLOUS in 2015, we operate with other organisations which have the Same aims and objectives which match with ours.

We are committed to helping the helpless of Uganda, by giving food, clothing and an opportunity to learn. We try to do whatever it takes for the children~everyday, and in times of crisis, giving hope to the hopeless, transforming their lives...and the future we share. We are currently fundraising to build a home for orphans, abandoned children and to provide clean, drinking water to our community.

WATER IS LIFE (water project)

Water is an essential, people in our community lack a source of safe drinking water and for domestic use.like washing, bath among others since the swamps were they get water are the same places where wild and domestic animals drink water too like cows, goats among others.

Education for a Needy Child

Your support and contributions help by providing education fees and supplies for a needy child, who would otherwise not have this chance for an education. Your generous donation will help fund our mission for education Make a Donation to Support Our Mission Work


We take care of 52 kids under our orphanage centre. These kids were on streets (street kids), after the death of their parents the situation at their homes worsened in terms of child abuses which forced them to streets.

Our Latest Pgrograms

The Children

We are dedicated to help inspire homeless people with services they truly need. Our kind team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping the most vulnerable people. We take our passion and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!

Updates on our Water Project

Where it is most needed, to provide clean drinking water to the community. Your generous donation will help fund our project for installing a water pumps.

We have started a project of building boreholes in our community to provide safe clean water for people ,we stop the starving and suffering of people for safe clean water.

Each bore hole costs One thousand five hundred dollars ($1500) to be done according to our projected budget, together we can make a change friends and family.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions, by providing safe clean water to our community people.